SNP Law Firm

SNP Law Firm (“SNP”) is a civil partnership working in the field of law services that was incorporated in 2009. The firm was founded on the founders’ passion and dedication to provide high quality and professional handling of legal cases in Indonesia. The founder believes that the Firm will have a significant role in Indonesia for assisting people and/or company to solve their legal issues.

The Firm's mindset is that each case has its own uniqueness and complexity. With such mindset, we do a comprehensive examination of all relevant issues prior to taking any legal action and/or advising client. The Firm will always provide various alternatives of legal solutions that may be taken by the client, depending on the client’s interest.

Since the Firm consists of Partners and lawyers from different backgrounds of expertise, we divide it into 3 practices of groups: litigation & alternative dispute resolution division, corporate and business division, and intellectual property rights division.

In the Firm, we always involve the team in handling cases, since we believe that the case will be solved better by teamwork, rather than being handled individually. A solid teamwork will lead to a solid legal services. SNP is a solid teamwork. Therefore, every client can always feel secure in leaving their legal matters to be handled by the firm.